Haircutting Parlors

Welcome to the "Barber Pole" a unique Haircutting Parlor and Barber Shop Museum specializing in men's, teen's, women's and children's haircuts. Step through the door and you're transported into an authentic 1890's barber shop. Every detail has been astonishingly replicated to capture the feeling of the 1890's when the barber shop reigned supreme as the hub of social and political commerce.

Framed period photos, local newspapers and barber shop memorabilia that adorn the walls pique your curiosity. All of the memorabilia in the "Barber Pole" is authentic turn of the century. The antique brass cash register, as well as barbering implements, tonic bottles and all the tools barbers used when they were surgeons. In addition, there are wooden barber poles, shaving mugs and straight razors which date back as far as the late 1770's.

Simply browse around and you'll become enchanted with the rich history of the tonsorial parlors of the late 1800s.

The "Barber Pole" also has a wooden barrel filled with peanuts. Grab a handful and toss the shells on the floor. All this and a great haircut that includes a hot steaming towel and shoulder massage are available for the respectable price of $17.00.

When your haircut is finished, try your luck! Everyone gets to fling a dart, if you get a bull's eye. you win a Free Haircut or Barber Pole Tee Shirt.

Every "Barber Pole" has a special children's area with a Tiger haircutting chair, coloring books and a TV, showing their favorite cartoons. We make getting a haircut fun!

All haircutters at the "Barber Poles" are licensed hairdressers - not just barbers - that means you get a salon-quality haircut at a barbershop price!

Looking for a unique gift? At the "Barber Pole" all the memorabilia on display is offered for sale. You can buy, sell, trade or just bring in your barbershop memorabilia for a Free Appraisal. Remember, you Never Need an Appointment at the "Barber Pole" .

When in Larchmont, Mt. Kisco or Tarrytown, you're always welcome to visit the "Barber Pole" and browse around.

9N Broadway
914 332-8093
Mt. Kisco
9 Kirby Plaza
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